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Alexandra Yuan

A portfolio website spotlighting the dreamy, imaginative and striking artwork of a Chinese-born, New York artist.

Visual Identity

With a growing collection of artworks, Alexandra Yuan needed a new website which showcased her imaginative way of communicating art through dissimilar medias. A bold website identity and expressive palette work in tandem with her personal collection to reflect youthful energy, optimism and imagination.

Alexandra expressed a vision to go beyond just a traditional portfolio to share her art in a more expressive and experiential way. Bold colors and font combinations were chosen to bring to life the prominent colors and striking proportions in her artwork, playfully jumping between dimensions of literal and figurative inspirations.

Web Design & Development

The goal of the website design was to create a highly-expressive and experiential website design distilled from the artists’ distinct way of storytelling. The website opens with a bold but brief introduction of Alexandra and her artistic inspirations.  Pages are divided like sectioned museum exhibits which categorize her works in three parts: body, abstract and display artworks. In each of these categories further implies certain experiences distilled from museum installations, namely, spaces to focalize a single artwork in order for a viewer to immerse in the detail in full.

Interaction and graphic elements work in tandem to invite and encourage a visitor to discover hidden meanings and derive their own interpretations. Through the use of shapes, scales and motion, the website, like her artwork, is a manifestation of her rich and imaginative process. An intermixing of refinement and characteric create layers upon layers of meaning inviting a viewer to uncover meaning through discovery and adventure. 

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