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Medura is a Canadian healthcare brand that deals in premium personal protective equipment like masks, gloves, wipes & more. The company’s target market is broad, including children and adults, as the product is a basic necessity & supports everyone who prefers to shop online for themselves & their families. The focus is on providing reliable, comfortable & easy-to-use safety products at affordable prices.

Visual Identity

Our aim for Medura was to create a solid & empathetic brand identity that aligns with their focus on providing premium healthcare products at affordable prices. Most medical product packaging labels, websites, etc., are flooded with enormous amounts of information scattered everywhere. We deviated from the standards of alarming red & unsorted content by building our branding strategy upon two factors—clarity & minimalism.

Web Design & Development

We aimed to empower Medura’s digital presence, on all devices, with welcoming and precise design and useful functionalities.

  • Homepage Design: We redesigned the website’s homepage, prioritizing user journey experience. The thoughtful placement of different elements promotes easy navigation, communicates the message clearly & helps build reliability.

  • Improved Functionalities: We added a tailor-made percentage discount feature to the website to upsell larger quantities. It shows the customers the percentage discount they receive on a selected volume of a product & allows them to make a calculated buying decision.

  • Self-serve Features: To allow website content changes without professional aid, we added customizable content sections on product pages. This makes it convenient for admins to update the general specifications, certifications, etc.

  • Web & Mobile Performance: We made sure that the website is optimized for all devices to enjoy an uninterrupted, fast & seamless shopping experience anytime, anywhere.

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