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React Media Group

The React Media Group is a creative firm that strengthens and grows companies within the technology, real estate, and creative media ecosystem. We are an organically defined trinity, developed over years of experience and acquisition. Our mandate is to ensure and provide the maximum value and convenience to our clients.

Visual Identity

The React Media Group had outgrown its legacy branding. Our goal was to give our parent firm a new facelift to better reflect what RMG is today, and design a new brand that will be timeless.
The legacy brand had an outdated colour palette that consisted of brighter saturated colours. To avoid becoming ‘oudated’ in the future, the new brand palette is more monochromatic with shades of blue as highlights. This new brand palette is adaptable to both bright and dark colour themes.

The new Logo is centered around the legacy logo, with slight adjustments to the line widths in order to give it a more dynamic look. We chose Euclid Circular B, a sans-serif, geometric typeface, as the new Brand Type.

Web Design & Development

The new RMG websites adopts a dark theme in order to draw visitor’s attention to the content. In the hero section, the animated halo effect signifies the amalgamation of the different companies in RMG, and how we collaborate to form a sustainable ecosystem. The highlight of the site is the visual trinity of brands within the React Media group (an interactive web asset created by Kaydence).

We designed different types of interactions in different sections of the website to highlight the different content. In the ‘Services’ section, lighter shades are used as the flow of the website changes to a horizontal scroll instead of vertical. The ‘Our Culture’ gallery section allows the user to move around and explore the openness and inviting company culture captured in stills. The website was developed using Webflow.

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