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Aventus Living

Aventus Living is a team of real estate professionals specializing in brokering and managing luxury properties in Vancouver.

The Aventus team needed to narrow in on a recognizable brand that represents the properties they specialize in as well as a website that reflects their new brand identity.

Visual Identity

The theme of the visual identity is luxe, refined, and understated, matching the service and properties Aventus Living represents. For the brand font, we went with a decorative but highly readable serif font adapted for web and print. To achieve the luxe feel, we chose gold as a primary colour. In keeping with being understated, we mixed in earthy tones of green as a secondary color to reflect the surrounding Vancouver cityscape— which is interlaced with greenery and natural elements.

Web Design & Development

The goal of this project is to create a simple and responsive website that showcases the client’s properties and their exceptional service, and in turn generates leads. The information architecture of the website is aimed to be straight-forward to help any visitor navigate to where they want to be— with each page of the website having a distinct function, whether it’s to browse property listings or find out more about Aventus’s property management service. 

The design of the website uses the visual identity we established, but lending focus to imagery of properties. Customized iconography is used throughout the site to create subtle visual intrigue and help information to be more scannable. A subtle transition between different pages are added to accommodate the loading time for large HD image assets, but also to give site-visitors a breather and a chance to digest information in between pages laced with details of property listings. 

To fulfill the goal of lead generation, we’ve placed call-to-action buttons strategically throughout the website to encourage visitors to reach out to the Aventus team. Furthermore, there’s a prominent ‘contact’ button always accessible in the navigation bar, so when visitors decide to reach out, they don’t have to search for the ‘contact’ button.

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