Summer 22

A.Y Art


Branding, Web Development, Web Design


Alexandra Yuan

Defying Conventional Narratives

Art has the power to reshape perceptions and challenge societal norms. At the very heart of Alexandra’s artistic expression is leveraging an expresive approach to defy conventional feminine narratives, sparking conversations and igniting new perspectives.

Delineating Women Through a Bold Approach

Our collaborative mission with Alexandra was to step into a realm of artistic exploration and expression of both her artworks and her particular narrative about feminine empowerment. Through visually expressive mediums, we aimed to forge a path that delineates women and to reclaim the narratives through a bold approach.

A Platform for expression and celebration

A website that boldly transcends historical confines, redefining the essence of the female identity. Weaving a visual tapestry of expression, our platform shatters conventional narratives, embracing a new era of artistic representation. At the focal point of Alexandra’s vision is for a digital canvas that pioneers a powerful narrative, celebrating the female journey towards honour and authentic self-discovery.

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