Fall 23

Civitas Studio


Visual Identity, Web Design, Web Dev


Civitas Studio

Designing for a Modern Landscape

Civitas is an architectural design studio that has been a leading Vancouver architectural design studio for several decades specializing in urban design and master planning.

Showcasing Civitas’ impactful visuals

Kaydence was tasked with crafting an exceptional web design that prioritises function and form, while showcasing the visually impactful assets that is the nature of Civitas’ work. Keeping things simple and elegant was the underlying design language we focused on, ensuring a fresh new approach that lasts.

A Lasting Simplicity

Embracing the elegance of simplicity, the redesign mirrors Civitas’ architectural philosophy. Clean lines and intuitive navigation guide visitors through the website with effortless grace. Through the lens of understated sophistication, the Civitas projects are highlighted through their timeless, minimalist showcase.

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