Summer 23



Web Design, Web Development


Westmar by Macdonald Realty

Modernizing an Established Platform

Westmar, a prominent real estate listings company, recognized the need to modernize its online platform to cater to the evolving expectations of homebuyers and sellers. With a commitment to innovation, they enlisted our expertise to revamp their user interface and user experience, enabling smoother interactions and improved engagement.

Maintaining Trust and Excellence

Outdated interface: The existing website had an outdated design that hindered navigated and discouraged user exploration and engagement.

Complex Navigation: A convoluted navigation system made it difficult for users to find relevant listings quickly. 

Limited Engagment: Users had limited tools for interaction and lacked the means to engage with the real estate agents.

Crafted for Today's Standards

Streamlined Navigation: We restructured the navigation, simplifying the categories and with informative visual aids for efficient browsing.

Visual Revamp: A clean and modern design language was adopted to enhance aesthetics and readability, ensuring a delightful browsing experience.

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