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ISHOT is a real estate photography and visual media company that creates beautiful videos and images that help drive real estate prices and interest. While always staying on top of the technology in their specialty, their legacy website and brand identity has become outdated. Which is why they came to us for a refresher on their website and brand identity.

The client’s ask was for an update of their legacy brand identity and website to match what they embody now— with a new look and feel that matches their strong and modern portfolio.

A client- friendly CMS that will allow the ISHOT team to add and alter the website easily after our engagement is over.

Visual Identity

The pillars for the new brand direction are: modern, sleek, and timeless. Instead of purging the legacy brand and creating something brand new, we’ve decided to give the branding more of a facelift so the brand is still recognizable to ISHOT’s past clients. We’ve incorporated visual elements from the legacy brand, including the motif of frames to embody the idea of ‘framing the shot’, throughout the new website.  

Considering the nature of our client’s offering— being photography and visual- heavy, the visual direction was to keep everything minimal (logo, colors, fonts) to let their offerings stand out. We chose a modern sans-serif — Sepmlicita Pro, as their primary font. The versatile font is highly readable and suited to web as well as print. For colors, we kept the palette to monochromatic shades, using overlays and shades strategically to let imagery stand out, but without sacrificing visual interest and depth.

Web Design & Development

The website was built mobile-first, considering that ISHOT’s target audience are busy real estate agents who are likely accessing the site via their mobile devices. Our main goal was for information to be scannable and the website to be easy to navigate. 

In terms of visual design, the website’s UI is built on the refreshed new brand identity— highlighting imagery with any branding kept at a minimum. To drive visitor engagement, we added scrolling and hover interactions throughout the site subtly so as to not distract visitors from the content. 

The informational architecture of the new site was modelled after ISHOT’s legacy website, with added filtering feature on the portfolio page. The new filter feature sorts portfolio items by project type (commercial or residential) and service type (photography, videography, floor plan..etc) on the portfolio page. The feature is also interconnected to the services page, where visitors can see works that’s pre-filtered to the type of service they’re looking for.  

The website was developed using Webflow, with custom CSS and JS added where needed. A detailed CMS guide was created for the client as part of our handover process.


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