Fall 21

Pixel Moments


Branding, Web Design


Pixel Moments Foundation

Social Activism Initiative

To collaborate with the Future Leaders committee at the St Paul's Hospital Foundation and help launch their mental health awareness fundraising event centred around an interactive art experience and initiative in 2021.

An Initiative for Destigmatizing Mental Health

A pop culture inspired brand and website design that is as nostalgic as it is inviting, optimistic and informative. We created an expressive website and branding material that is reflective of the Pixel Moments initiative that is inviting, optimistic and informative. The approach is to be vibrant and expressive, to destigmatize the importance of conversation around mental health.

Inspiring Resilience, Hope and Understanding

Bold colors and dynamic visuals reflect Pixel Moment’s mission to challenge stigmas. A platform for digital exploration where stories of resilience and hope, vividly illustrate the path toward understanding, support and lasting change.

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