Summer 23

Snow Fortress 2


Art Direction, Game UI, 3D Assets


Mythical City

Venturing into VR

We collaborated with Mythical City games to create the sequel for the popular Snow Fortress game. The concept was to elevate the existing game and leverage new approaches for a more immersive snowball fighting experience.

A Blizzard of Immersion and Excitement

The goal of this project was to provide an improved experience building upon the successes of the fun snowball shooter experience from the first game. We wanted to encapsulate the thrill of the snowball battlefield while enhancing player engagement. By seamlessly blending nostalgic elements that players know and love with newer design patterns in VR, we aimed to build an immersive experience that ensures players are at the heart of an epic virtual snowball showdown.

Innovation, Consistency and Experience.

Kaydence was tasked with ideating the refreshed experience for Snow Fortress 2 which included character design, branding, UI/UX and concept designs.

Branding: Our intention was to continue the novel experience of snowball fighting even in the branding. By focusing on vivid and expressive styling, we wanted the branding to entice more players and stand out in the saturated gaming environment.

UI/UX: Similar to the branding, we wanted a cohesive visual experience for players to enjoy. We wanted to make an intuitive, engaging and modular design system that the developers could easily iterate and add new functionality from.

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