Fall 22

Proxima HQ


Web Design, Web Development



A Streamlined Property Marketing Experience

A team of forward-thinkers aimed to transform the traditional property campaigning journey by leveraging proprietary software to empower buyers and streamline their interactions through an intuitive, informative and efficient way.

Transforming Real Estate Processes

Fragmented Information: Visitors to the site faced challenges in accessing comprehensive information about the software, often requiring them to visit multiple sources.

Clear Product Demonstrations: Prospective buyers expressed strong interest in comprehending how the software functions and how it can enhance their selling processes.

Combing Brand and Vision

Visualized Demonstrations: With the improvements, visitors gained a better understanding of the software’s capabilities by giving them visual representations for a tangible understanding of the potential end result, eliminating the guesswork.

Impactful Design Language: We wanted to give a better understanding of both the brand and revolutionary software's capabilities by incorporating rich media and visual abstractions.

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