Spring 23



Branding, Marketing Assets


LNG Studios

An Oasis in the Valley

An oasis of luxury and exclusivity, a real estate project that marries architectural brilliance and elevated living at the heart of Kelowna, where every detail is meticulously designed to redefine the art of refined living, setting a new standard of prestige and comfort.


Vista is a branding project for an upscale real estate venture, where our focus lay on crafting a sophisticated identity tailored to an affluent audience. By curating visual elements and messaging, we aimed to communicate exclusivity and opulence, resonating deeply with the preferences and aspirations of an exclusive audience.

Interweaving Exclusivity and Timeless Elegance

The resulting branding is of timeless elegance, a seamless fusion where sophistication meets comfort, encapsulating a captivating narrative that resonates with the intended audience.

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